Dragon's Dogma 2 Multiplayer Co-Op

Following on from its gameplay reveal at the PlayStation Showcase, we've seen a frankly surprising number of people theorising that Dragon's Dogma 2 is adding multiplayer. That is to say, the option to play cooperatively with other players. However, there appears to be no real basis for this speculation — especially since the game's official website clearly states that it's a single-player experience.

Indeed, at the bottom of the Dragon's Dogma 2 home page, the following information is listed:

    • Genre: Action-RPG
    • Player(s): 1
    • Release-timing: TBA
    • PEGI 18 Provisional

We think this speculation with regards to multiplayer originated well before Dragon's Dogma 2 was announced. It's no secret that the first Dragon's Dogma flirted with the idea of co-op, but actually settled on its now trademark pawn system. Pawns are essentially AI-driven companions who play a major role in the series' story and lore. They're basically not-quite-humans who assist the Arisen (the player character) without question.

What's more, Dragon's Dogma Online — which never made it West — obviously encouraged co-op with other players as an MMORPG. Many believed that the Japan-only title would influence the eventual Dragon's Dogma 2 in terms of multiplayer implementation.

But no, we fully expect Dragon's Dogma 2 to expand on the aforementioned pawn system, with more intricate AI and party-based gameplay. The potential introduction of multiplayer doesn't make a whole lot of sense if Capcom's doubling down on one of the property's most defining features.

That's hopefully cleared up, then. But would you have liked to see co-op be an option in Dragon's Dogma 2? Or should it stick with being a strictly single-player adventure? Seek your heart in the comments section below.

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