Despite being heralded as one of the best looking games for the NES, interest had moved over to the 16-bit SNES by the time physics-based platformer Gimmick! released in 1992. Only ever available in Japan and – curiously – Scandinavia, the Sunsoft release has garnered a cult following in the decades since, and time has been kind to title. Feels ripe for a re-release, then, right?

And that’s exactly what’s happening on PS4 from 6th July, 2023. With Bitwave Games handling the conversion, you can expect a perfect port with some quality of life features sprinkled on top, including the now customary save states, rewind, online leaderboards, and artwork. In addition, the developer’s also thrown in a Speed Run mode, which really threatens to test your skills.

We’ve seen a lot of classic retro releases like this become infinitely more accessible in recent years, and long may it continue. There’s a good chance you’ve never played Gimmick! – this author certainly hasn’t – but that it’ll soon exist in the easily accessible arena of the PS Store is welcome news for sure. Oh, and a physical release is also planned for later in the year.