Minecraft PS4 Trials and Tales Update

The latest free content update for Minecraft, Trails and Tales, has been dated for release on 7th June. This update adds a whole host of new content: biomes, mobs, features, blocks, armour, and more.

The major release sees the addition of some long awaited features, including cherry blossom biomes and archeology, where players are able to sift through sand to uncover trinkets from the past. These items are then used to add trims to your armour. These aren’t the only items you can find as if you're really lucky you’ll discover a Sniffer egg, a prehistoric mammal that you can hatch, tame, and breed.

For the full breakdown of the new update you can check the developer’s article through here. Are you still mining and crafting your way through the world of Minecraft or have you reached The End? Let us know in the comments below.

[source minecraft.net]