LEGO 2K Drive
Image: Push Square

At the time of writing, LEGO 2K Drive is only a week away, and this colourful racing game is looking pretty dang good. This arcadey open world title gives you big free-roaming spaces to explore and the ability to completely customise your cars — it has all the ingredients for an all-ages hit. Going by the Trophy list, this game will be a real treat for those who like to scour maps for collectibles.

The full range of Trophies has popped up on Exophase, and it's 39 strong, including the coveted Platinum. You'll get some for just driving around in each location for a bit in Story Mode, but if you want to see and do everything, you'll have to explore every nook and cranny for collectibles. You'll also need to drive a total of 6,000 miles, and complete other feats such as destroying 15,000 objects, 200 traffic vehicles, and hitting 200 pedestrians. We imagine those will rack up fairly quickly.

If you're after the Plat, you'll also need to complete certain races, drift a total of 5,000 metres, reach level 30 in Story Mode, and completing every quest. It sounds like there's lots to do, then!

Will you be going for all the Trophies in LEGO 2K Drive? Drift into the comments section below.