Legendary Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano has teamed up with Epic Games for a Fortnight skin we don't think anyone had on their bingo cards. Called Crossheart, the design even got its own debut trailer, which you can see above.

While certainly cool, the Fortnite-ness of it all is quite overpowering. Amano's intricate brushwork and expressive composition are kind of lost in the translation to 3D and Fortnite's already distinct (if safe) art style. We wouldn't begrudge the legend a thing, of course, but we can't help but prefer the earlier hits.

Crossheart is a Rare Outfit, and part of the Amano's Heart set, which is available now in the Fortnite Store.

What do you think of this Fortnite x Yoshitaka Amano collaboration? Can you see the artist's signature style in Crossheart? Become an art critic in the comments section below.

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