We were pretty impressed when we first laid eyes on Immortals of Aveum, and it continues to look very promising in this latest trailer. Coming from EA Originals and developer Ascendant Studios, the game is essentially a first-person shooter, swapping out guns for magic and placing you in a colourful environment full of dragons and mages.

The emphasis in this trailer is on the gameplay, which has you swapping between various types of magic to tackle bad guys of all shapes and sizes. A grapple hook also lets you swing around arenas quickly, and much like DOOM, it appears that movement will be key to survival.

It all looks very bombastic and exciting — we can even get on board with the hammy writing, if that's the intended direction. Anyway, Immortals of Aveum is releasing 20th July 2023, so it's not far away at all. Are you excited for it? Appear in the comments section below.

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