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The untimely passing of iconic actor Lance Reddick took the world by surprise, and considering how essential his roles in both Horizon Forbidden West and Destiny 2 are, left fans wondering what comes next. We know there are still some appearances to come, but Horizon's writers aren't thinking about all that just yet.

In an interview with VGC, narrative director Ben McCaw, on the future of the series without Lance Reddick, said: "We’re really just sort of focused on absorbing this tragedy and sending out our thoughts to his family. We’ve not thought about it. It’s not really the time to think about it. We just miss him."

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Earlier in the piece, McCaw was asked what his favourite memory of working with Reddick was. McCaw recalls when Reddick and Ashley Burch (Aloy) recorded lines in-person together for the first time on Horizon Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds DLC and described the scene: "The sparks were flying, and it was just two great actors going at it. That was just awesome. We’re just crushed by this, and we know his fans, not just in the video game world but in all forms, are too."

It remains to be seen what the writers will do about the situation, but it's a testament to Reddick's legacy that so many people deeply feel his loss. How do you think the writers go about addressing the situation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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