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A new patch for the PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West is available to download now, specifically targeting the new Burning Shores DLC. Weighing in at 1.121GB, it'll update the game to version number 1.25. With no glaring issues in the expansion left to deal with, though, Guerrilla Games has focused on another sweep of small bug fixes and further crash fixes with this new patch. This is a fantastic PS5 DLC only made better with post-launch updates, as mentioned in our 8/10 rated Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores PS5 review.

"Like Frozen Wilds did with Horizon Zero Dawn, Burning Shores takes what was already great about Forbidden West and gives you a sizeable new playground and a bunch of extra toys to play with. The archipelago is great fun to explore by land, sea, or air, with plenty of interesting things to see and do. Certain areas feel a little underutilised, but overall this is a great expansion that continues Aloy's story and sets up for things to come in Horizon 3."

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Update 1.25 Patch Notes


Main Quests

  • Fixed an issue in “To The Burning Shores” where the Defense Drone’s laser VFX were not visible after dying/restarting checkpoint.
  • Fixed an issue in “To The Burning Shores” where the “Search for a Way Up the Tower” objective could not be completed if the player destroys the pullable ceiling too early.
  • Fixed an issue in “Heaven and Earth” where leaving the Observatory before the objective updates to “Find the Transmitter” causes the transmitter not to be interactable, conditionally blocking progression.
  • Fixed an issue in “Heaven and Earth” where entering the code to open Londra's private room before the objective updates to “Find the Door Code” causes the objective to not update correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Zenith Tower’s shots would not kill Aloy and Seyka during “Heaven and Earth - Fly to Starlight Rise”, resulting in an awkward swim back to land.
  • Fixed an issue in “For His Amusement” where opening the door to the Armory while Seyka is engaged in combat in the main courtyard may cause her to become idle, possibly blocking progression.
  • Fixed an issue in “His Final Act” where the mission objective “Meet Seyka in Fleet’s End” did not have a quest marker on Seyka.
  • Fixed an issue in “His Final Act” where Seyka’s bow was floating next to Seyka.
  • Fixed an issue where the Defense Drone can be looted twice.

Side Quests

  • Stopped Gildun’s hands from clipping through Aloy’s hair when Gildun gives her a hug.
  • Fixed an issue in “A Friend in the Dark” where Aloy is able to place the Pullable Box halfway through the elevator's exit which conditionally blocks further progression if the player jumps down.

World Activities

  • Fixed several treasure chests that were located under the ground’s geometry.
  • Fixed Aloy saying that she’s “picking up another signal” after completing Aerial Capture: South.
  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron THETA where if the player makes progress in the first room of the Cauldron, backtracks to the entrance and returns, their progress will be reset and callouts repeated.


  • Fixed an issue where the Stingspawn’s eye light shone brightly in the distance, but the Stingspawn itself wasn’t visible.
  • Fixed the Stormbird’s repeated use of the “Thunder Dive” attack without a triggering cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where flying out and immediately going back to the Burning Shores area will cause the player to spawn midair without the mount, possibly causing death by falling.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tideripper can appear to warp through the air.


  • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Wheel displays an incorrect amount of ammo for the Specter Gauntlet if Aloy is forced to stow her weapon by a Status Effect while she is aiming a Designator.
  • Acid Resistance boost lowered by 10% on Quen Deadeye, Quen Commander, Blacktide Quen Commander and Tenakth Vanquisher to align the acid resistance to the other elementals
  • Fixed an issue where Aloy was unable to equip weapons following a Clamberjaw attack.


  • Fixed an issue in Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow where the Battery Stations in the carts and the Ornament room shows a powerless indicator with a charged battery inside after reloading the autosave.

Performance and Stability

  • Added several crash fixes.
  • Fixed several locations where the player could get stuck.


  • Fixed an issue where Aloy kept her Diving Mask on during two cinematics in Main Quest “Death’s Door” in New Game Plus playthroughs.
  • Removed a set of floating climbing poles in the Hollywood Hills area.
  • Picking up Dye Flowers no longer results in a canister collection sound effect instead of the correct sound effect.

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