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Fresh off the release of Horizon Forbidden West's excellent Burning Shores expansion, the future is looking bright for the Amsterdam-based Guerrilla Games. A spokesperson for the company has been selected to give the keynote at this year's Develop: Brighton conference. Representatives from PlayStation Studios, Sumo Digital, Housemarque, Dambuster Studios, and more will be speaking at the event, where game makers come together to teach and learn.

In a talk entitled 'Guerrilla: To New Horizons', the company's leadership will discuss what the future holds for the team and the challenges that were overcome during the development of Forbidden West. Art lead Jan-Bart van Beek will be making a presentation, as well as Angie Smets, newly promoted to head of development strategy at PlayStation Studios.

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Of course, it's extremely unlikely we get any concrete news out of this in terms of games, but for industry nerds, and those interested in the craft of creating AAA games, it should be quite illuminating. What do you think the future holds for Guerrilla Games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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