Guilty Gear Strive's second season of DLC comes to an end next week, as Asuka R drops on the 25th May alongside a new stage. Asuka will be the fourth Season Pass 2 character, after Bridget, Sin, and Bedman?.

DLC support for Strive isn't over, however, as the above trailer confirms that Season Pass 3 is real. We don't know when it's going to begin, but we're already praying for Slayer and Johnny.

Up until this point, the game's playable roster has been bolstered by eight additional characters. It'll be interesting to see whether Season Pass 3 includes four more, or whether ongoing support will be downsized to some degree. Guilty Gear Strive is almost two years old, after all.

Think you'll be playing Asuka? Who do you want to see in season 3? Celebrate two years of Guilty Gear Strive in the comments section below.