Goodbye Volcano High PS5 PS4

Goodbye Volcano High is now at a point where it's had more delays than trailers. Developer KO_OP has pushed the PS5, PS4 game back to 29th August 2023, having originally already delayed it a second time to next month. In a blog post on the team's official website, it's said the studio couldn't meet its June release date without "significant cuts to the quality and scope of the game. This would mean delivering something much different than what we’ve envisioned and worked toward."

The article continues: "Plus, we’re a studio that prides itself on avoiding crunch. Meeting our original launch date would require our team to work nights, weekends and early mornings to ship and risk burning people out." Originally confirmed all the way back during Sony's 2020 Future of Gaming Showcase, it's one of the last remaining titles yet to release along with Little Devil Inside.

KO_OP promises another demo for Goodbye Volcano High will be released in due course — hopefully, this one will be up on the PS Store. "GVH is a really special project for us and everyone on our team has done incredible work on this game. We need a bit more time to make sure all that work really shines!"

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