As the industry enters a Zelda-induced hibernation, there ain’t really a whole lot of hot stories regarding PlayStation today. Fortunately, there’s very little crossover been Link and San Diego Studio’s baseball sim MLB The Show 23, and so the developer’s released the deets on its second season of content, which is available in-game now.

Curiously, the theme this time is… Kaijus? That’s right, the developer’s looked to the likes of Godzilla for inspiration, and introduced some of the most “devastatingly effective MLB Legends and Superstars of the past and present, such as Monte Irvin, John Franco, and Corey Kluber”. In a fun twist, their unique Diamond Dynasty cards will have kaiju-style monsters on them as part of their artwork.

As you’d expect, there are associated Programs, Moments, Conquests, and more – but it doesn’t end there! The Stadium Creator is getting a bunch of new Kaiju props, so you can backdrop your ballpark with giant reptiles and floating space beetles – a ton of fun! We like that the developer’s gone a bit crazy here, even though we don’t really understand the reasoning behind the theme.

Who cares, huh? Sometimes you just want to have fun! Remember, you can check out our MLB The Show 23 guide for a ton more on mastering your performance out on the field.