The next major Genshin Impact update, due to get underway on 24th May, will bring with it a colossal update to the gacha game’s in-universe Genius Invokation TCG minigame. Revolving around the King of Invokations Grand Prix event, you can expect an enormous 60 brand-new TCG cards to seriously expand your deck-building ability, while cat-themed newcomer Kirara will also make her debut as a 4-Star newbie.

Perhaps most importantly for long-time fans, developer HoYoverse is beginning to tease new region Fontaine, which will seriously expand the release’s open world in v4.0. “As an international TCG tournament across Teyvat, the King of Invokation Grand Prix attracts numerous visitors, including card players, tourists, and even a reporter from Fontaine at its venues and celebrations in multiple areas,” the press release reads. “Working for the famous newspaper The Steambird, Charlotte will not only cover the tournament but also investigate into a strange case on-site, and players can join her and meet characters from various nations in the event storyline.”

Speaking of Fontaine, you can get your very first look at the region courtesy of the brief teaser trailer below. It looks like we’ll be heading under the sea here, which is going to significantly expand the exploration potential of the title:

In addition to the aforementioned TCG tournament itself, there’ll be a ton of minigames to look forward to as part of the Grand Prix, all inspired by gameplay elements from the in-universe pastime. And of course, interacting with all of the new gameplay and accruing points will reward you with Invokation Coupons, which you’ll be able to trade for rewards, including a new 4-Star bow named the Ibis Piercer. You’ll probably want to add that to your inventory.

As alluded to above, Kirara will make her debut as a 4-Star Dendro sword wielder. As a courier, she has some pretty unique looking “package”-themed abilities, including an Elemental Burst where she drops a parcel onto the battlefield and blows away her opponents with a bunch of small Dendro bombs. She’ll be accompanied by reruns of Yoimiya and Yae Miko in the update’s first banner, while Kaedehara Kazuha and tier-list frontrunner Alhaitham will follow in the second half.

You can check out all of the new content in the trailers embedded above, including that first all-important glimpse of Fontaine. Will you be building your deck in preparation for the King of Invokation Grand Prix? Beg for a positive re-roll in the comments section below.