Nomada Studio, the developer behind the beautiful puzzle platformer GRIS, has just unveiling its next game. Named Neva, the game is similarly gorgeous — if this trailer is anything to go by, anyway.

With a lovely, painterly art style, the trailer suggests the game will deal with death and grief, similar to the developer's previous title. Some sort of dark force seems to be affecting the wildlife, and it looks as though this game may be slightly more action focused; the character pulls out a sword to ward off the encroaching creatures.

In the aftermath of the fight, she's left with a young wolf, and it seems this relationship will be the main drive of the story. Over on the PS Blog, the developer says the game will feature "platforming, puzzles and combat challenges while dealing with monstrous enemies", with collaboration between the girl and the wolf "key to the experience".

We're certainly intrigued, though we'll have to wait until 2024 to play it. What do you think of Neva? Tell us in the comments section below.