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Those of you who are tiring of Genshin Impact will find a similar experience pulling for your attention this summer, when the online-focused Tower of Fantasy rolls onto PS5 and PS4. Unlike HoYoverse’s hit, the anime-inspired action game has a shared world where you can team up with friends and take on enemies together, giving it more of an MMORPG flavour than its rival single player-focused gacha.

“In Tower of Fantasy, exploration and adventure reign supreme, and we’ve crafted a massive open world that is waiting for you to dive in,” lead designer Sky Wang explained on the PS Blog. “You can customise your own character and begin your journey as a Wanderer in the verdant wastelands of Aesperia, but this is just the start.”

Wang continued: “Beyond lies Vera, a radically different world comprising a sprawling desert, a cyberpunk metropolis, and a breathtakingly deep underwater realm known as the Grand Sea. With its own distinct ecosystem, the Grand Sea offers a thrilling new frontier for combat and action, where you can swim alongside schools of fish and take on new foes. And that’s not all – the latest addition to the game, Domain 9, presents a highly-stylized new oriental magical world, offering a unique contrast to the other worlds.”