Square Enix, it seems, intends to make Final Fantasy XVI as irresistible as possible to as many people as possible. Enter Torgal, the lovable canine gunning for the enviable position of "goodest good boy" on PS5. He's certainly a contender within the realm of Final Fantasy alone, where the nearest competition is VIII's frankly ridiculous Angelo, although her heart was in the right place.

In a new trailer, we get to see Torgal in action. He faithfully assists his master, Clive, both in battle offensively and can even mend his wounds. While able to fight under his own initiative, players will be able to direct the hound in combat and even combine for epic duo attacks. And yes, you can pet him.

What do you think of Torgal so far? Hopefully, we get to spend a lot of time together, or that he isn't left behind in favour of other travelling companions. Let us know who the good boy is in the comments section below.

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