The ongoing marketing campaign for Final Fantasy XVI has tried to make one particular point very clear: you don't have to be good at action games to enjoy the upcoming release. Despite going all-in on skill-based action combat, Square Enix is seemingly terrified of alienating potential players who may not like the idea of mastering combos and relying on reaction times. So with that in mind, it's been constantly reiterating the fact that the game features a range of special accessories that can make battles much easier.

The title's latest trailer outlines everything you need to know. Clive can equip multiple difficulty-bending accessories at once, basically allowing you to customise the challenge of combat. By choosing 'Story-Focused Mode' at the beginning of the game, the shaggy-haired protagonist will be automatically equipped with a set of accessories that make combos and dodging much less of a concern.

If you're wondering why the developers didn't just add traditional difficulty settings like most other games, it's apparently because of how fine-tuned everything is. The accessories will, in theory, allow everyone to get a proper feel for the combat system without having to adjust its overall balance.

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