Final Fantasy 16 Game Informer Cover 1
Image: Game Informer

Game Informer has snagged some really good looking covers over the years, but its freshly announced Final Fantasy XVI cover is an absolute beauty. The long-running magazine's next issue — number 356 — will feature a "deep dive into FFXVI’s world of Valisthea, its lore, its characters, and of course, its Eikons".

Again though, that cover. The standard edition of the magazine features main character Clive Rosfield on the front, and he's joined by the fiery Eikon Ifrit. Meanwhile, Clive's younger brother Joshua is on the back, together with the equally fiery Eikon Phoenix. The gold cover flips things around, so Joshua's on the front and Clive's on the back.

Final Fantasy 16 Game Informer Cover 2
Image: Game Informer
Final Fantasy 16 Game Informer Cover 3
Image: Game Informer

Honestly, we're tempted to paste these covers into our collection of Final Fantasy XVI artwork, which we've compiled into a lovely article:

What do you think of Final Fantasy XVI's art direction? Are you a fan of this cover? Watch you don't get burned in the comments section below.