Fans Begin to Debate Which PlayStation Franchise Could Be Getting an Anime 1
Image: Push Square

Sony already confirmed that it has some animated projects in the pipeline as part of its PS Productions division, and now a rumour from a supposedly reliable anime aggregator account has got fans pondering which franchise could be converted. Earlier today, a relatively popular Twitter account which has allegedly teased unannounced animes before posted a GIF of the PS Studios ident, and later clarified that a “PlayStation game” is getting adapted.

That’s led to all kinds of speculation about what brand would best benefit from the treatment. Obviously, the likes of Gravity Rush – which did already get a short anime – are top of the list, but Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank, and Astro’s Playroom are other popular suggestions. One user on ResetEra even posited Everybody’s Golf in the style of Birdie Wing – albeit with much more Suzuki, we hope!

Seeing as Sony owns Crunchyroll, it’s probably safe to assume that whatever this turns out to be will be distributed through its own platform. The anime streaming service is no stranger to adapting video game franchises, having converted the first Shenmue game previously – although, much like the game series it’s based on, it wasn’t renewed for a second season. Which PlayStation franchise do you think would benefit from the anime treatment? We’d say Horizon, if it wasn’t already getting a big budget Netflix show!

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