Frontier has just revealed F1 Manager 2023, its second attempt at an officially licensed Formula One management sim. Scheduled for release this summer on PS5 and PS4, the game will feature all of this season's races and teams, as you'd expect, and it's your job to lead your racers to victory.

Playing as a team principal, you call the shots in these games, meaning you decide where the budget gets spent, who gets hired, and what actions take place on the track. For this year's game, Frontier is emphasising "deeper management systems, more dramatic racing, and an even greater commitment to authenticity".

As well as the normal Career mode, F1 Manager 2023 will feature a Race Replay mode. This allows you to revisit real-world races from the current season and alter the outcomes of "key moments".

A new Sporting Director role allows you to have greater management over the pit crew and their training regime. There will also be more in the simulation to think about, such as weight considerations to find the right balance between reliability and performance. During races, a new confidence system has been implemented that will make the action more dynamic and true to life.

While last year's game was well received, it only lasted a couple of months before the developer cut off its post-launch support. Hopefully things go a little differently for this year's iteration — it certainly sounds like some effort has gone into improving on the original.

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