Street Fighter 6 Character Quiz

Capcom has opened up a Street Fighter 6 character quiz over on the game's official website. It's not the most in-depth questionnaire you'll ever see, but it might just help you pick a main in the upcoming release — or at least put you on the right track. It only takes a minute to complete, and then you can share your results on social media, if you want.

The quiz also attempts to tell you which control scheme could be a good fit, but we feel like that's a bit harder to identify without actually playing the game for yourself.

Just to recap, Street Fighter 6 will launch with 18 playable characters, with 4 additional fighters already confirmed for the title's first wave of DLC. Picking a competitor who suits your style of play can be difficult, but Capcom's clearly trying its best to ease newcomers into the fray via character-specific tutorials and tips.

Will you be taking this quiz? Be sure to let us know which fighter you get in the comments section below.