Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless, the latest instalment in NIS' weird and often wonderful strategy RPG series, has a Western release date. The tactical title arrives on the 3rd October in North America, the 6th October in Europe, and the 13th October in Oceania. It's promising yet more crazy characters, dumb storylines, and mental game mechanics.

Disgaea 7 launched back in January in Japan, so some fans were expecting it to arrive overseas this summer. That obviously won't be the case, but at least it's hitting before the year's out.

The game's also got a new story trailer, which you can watch above. The press release reads: "To challenge the tyrannical Demmodore Opener and his Demonic Magistrates, Fuji and Pirilika must gather seven powerful weapons of legend. Can this uneasy alliance, threatened by clashing ideas, overcome the threats ahead?"

It sounds fairly straightforward written down like that, but if we know Disgaea, the actual plot will be absolutely packed with absurd stuff. Pre-orders are available now:

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