Devolver Digital Nina Struthers

While it still stings a little that E3 2023 has been cancelled, the event has been struggling to maintain relevance for several years. Having said that, a fairly modern highlight during that time has been the presence of Devolver Digital. This indie publishing label has been delivering satirical press conferences since 2017, and they're always a treat — a delirious, blood-soaked, ungodly treat.

The good news is that, while E3 itself isn't a thing this year, Devolver Direct is, as has now been confirmed by the company:

It's not much to go on, is it? However, what we do know is that the showcase will have a handful of games rolled into all the madness. While each event is delivered with humour, the more recent shows have all brought us at least a few noteworthy game announcements or updates. We imagine there will be one or two new games revealed, plus updates on titles such as The Plucky Squire and KarmaZoo.

Are you excited for Devolver Direct 2023? Will Nina Struthers do something violent and/or gross? Discuss in the comments section below.