Destiny 2 PS5 PlayStation 5 Season Pass Price Increase 1
Image: Push Square

Even the freshly minted Bungie, acquired by Sony for over $3 billion, is feeling the economic pinch it appears. Buried among a frankly frightening deluge of information, the legendary developer revealed that it’ll be bumping the price of its Season Passes moving forwards. Beginning with Season 21, you’ll have to pay 1,200 Silver for the standard Season Pass and 2,200 Silver for the Season Pass including 10 ranks. The previous price was 1,000 Silver and 2,000 Silver respectively.

You can buy 1,100 Silver for £8.49/$9.99 and 2,300 Silver for £16.79/$19.99, so in real-world money terms this isn’t the biggest change. It’s also worth noting that if you buy Destiny 2: Lightfall, you’ll get access to the current Season Pass live at the point of purchase free of charge, and that’s not changing. Similarly, if you already own the Annual Pass, you’ll obviously get full access to all the seasons through Season 23 at no extra charge.

Still, it’s not an amazing look from the developer, especially when it apologised for the state of Lightfall less than a month ago. To be fair to Bungie, the community’s had a surprisingly measured response to this news, perhaps because the price increase isn’t enormous overall. One poster on Reddit did move to reassure fellow fans, though: “Don’t worry guys, they’re a small indie company – they need more money.”