PSVR2 owners won't be left wanting for first-person shooters, that's for sure. Crossfire: Sierra Squad just received a new gameplay trailer, and it looks very promising indeed. While Firewall Ultra is more focused on multiplayer battles, this game has its sights on a single-player campaign as well as a whole bunch of co-op missions.

As mentioned on the PS Blog, Sierra Squad puts you in charge of the titular team, and throughout a 13-mission campaign, you'll eliminate the baddies with your squad mates providing backup. Once that's done, the game features 50 additional missions for two-player co-op. If you've ever enjoyed the Spec-Ops mode in some of the Call of Duty titles, you'll know roughly what to expect here — only in PSVR2, obviously. Finally, you can squad up with three buddies for the title's Horde mode.

Visually it looks great, the guns appear to have a lot of impact, and the Crossfire name carries a fair amount of weight on its own. This seems to be ticking all the boxes, so we're interested to see how it feels to play when it launches later in 2023.

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