Bloodhunt PS5

Here is yet another PS5 title you can add to the ever-growing Games as a Service wasteland that's built up over the past few months: Bloodhunt. Released for PS5 just over a year ago, developer Sharkmob has announced it will no longer be supporting the Battle Royale game or making any more content for it. The online servers will at least remain switched on "for as long as we have an active player base and community," the studio said.

To combat the lack of upcoming content, an update will be deployed to incorporate a user voting system that allows the community to pick what items should be unlocked next. Then, on 26th September 2023, the ability to purchase Bloodhunt's premium currency — known as Tokens — will be turned off. "Before this happens, we will implement a way to earn in-game tokens more easily so players can continue to play and unlock cosmetics beyond this date." Besides these two patches, future updates will only be related to game maintenance.

Sharkmob says it's moving on from the title because it hasn't "been able to reach the critical mass needed to sustain development. This has led us to the decision to stop further development of Bloodhunt." Indeed, even if a live service title manages to generate a bit of buzz, a lot of the time it can be difficult to sustain that popularity enough to where it can monetarily support a whole studio. The likes of Fortnite and Warzone 2 have always been the exception.

"While we are as sad as you are that Bloodhunt development has now come to an end, please know that this was a difficult decision to make, and we take this experience with us in the development of coming games," Sharkmob signed off saying. Of course, this is the sector Sony plans to massively expand into in the coming years, with 10 live service games planned.