Riot Forge is suddenly pumping these League of Legends spin-off games out at a rapid rate, with a third now confirmed for launch later this month. Named Convergence: A League of Legends Story, it's a story-driven 2D platformer all about being "bold, electric, and vibrant". Though the PlayStation Blog doesn't mention platforms, we assume this is both a PS5 and PS4 release, slated for 23rd May 2023.

Convergence is being developed by Double Stallion Games, who in the past made Speed Brawl for PS4. You'll play a character called Ekko, who lives in the city of Zaun. "Centering the experience in Zaun, Ekko’s home, we sought to explore its diversity by creating a variety of exciting locales – streets, sewers, factories, carnivals, gardens, and more," said creative director Eric Angelillo. "The Cultivair, a large enclosed garden from League’s lore, offered a refreshing change from the urban settings and became a focal point in the game."

With the PS5 version of Ruined King having released at the very start of March and The Mageseeker only two weeks ago, Convergence will mark the third League of Legends spin-off game to release in the space of three months. Quite the feat for what has been a set of pretty different experiences from different genres and developers.

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