Believe it or not, Dead Island 2 is very nearly here. The game, thought to be lost to time, releases on 21st April 2023, and it's looking surprisingly promising. Its tongue-in-cheek (but no less grisly) take on a zombie apocalypse is on full display in this new video from IGN, documenting the opening few minutes of the open world adventure.

It looks like our protagonist wakes up badly injured following a catastrophic plane crash. After patching themselves up with a med kit, they head outside, where a flare indicates some fellow survivors. After making it to the group, they leave you behind as a horde of zombies approaches, and it's down to you to fend them off. Of course, it all gets pretty violent pretty fast.

We also get a brief glimpse of the protagonist's partial immunity to becoming a zombie; after being bitten, we see them zoning in and out of consciousness as they head towards an address written on their arm.

Only a couple of weeks to go before we all take a trip to Hell-A. Are you excited for Dead Island 2? Stomp some heads in the comments section below.