The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition is "the best it's ever been" on PS5, according to those eggheads over at Digital Foundry. The team's latest video goes in-depth on update 4.02, which launched last month. This patch promised to improve performance across the board, and based on Digital Foundry's findings, that's exactly what's happened.

And that's good news for developer CD Projekt Red, because the previous update, version 4.01, actually managed to have a negative impact on the RPG's frame rate — even in its 60fps performance mode.

Mistakes have been undone, then, but as this analysis points out, the most recent patch goes beyond a mere fix, introducing the smoothest frame rate to date. Putting various combat encounters and cutscenes to the test, Digital Foundry finds that the aforementioned performance mode stays locked to a silky 60fps more often than not.

However, there are still areas where the PS5 title drops a few frames. Most notably, the bustling city of Novigrad seems to be the frame rate's archenemy, preventing a rock solid 60fps almost every time.

It's a similar story with the game's 30fps ray tracing mode, which has seen some big improvements since the Complete Edition's release in December of last year. More often than not, it's hitting that 30fps cap, but again, there are some instances where the frames falter ever so slightly. Hopefully CDPR continues to improve things.

Have you been playing The Witcher 3 on PS5? Have you noticed any performance issues? Throw some signs in the comments section below.