We honestly thought that the Tekken 8 character trailers were over — at least for a little while — but no, Bandai Namco has just dropped another two at Evo Japan.

Said trailers confirm that Leroy Smith and Asuka Kazama will return. There was something of a question mark over both characters making the cut, but for very different reasons. In Leroy's case, he made his first appearance in Tekken 7 as a DLC character. Given that every Tekken 8 fighter revealed so far has been a veteran of the series, it wasn't clear if Tekken 7's newcomers would stick — but Leroy has been a super popular pick since his release.

On a somewhat humorous note, Leroy being confirmed at Evo Japan has a strange significance. Back at Evo Japan 2020, the Tekken 7 top eight finals featured six Leroy players. The character was still fairly new at the time, and he was borderline broken in terms of gameplay balance. That particular tournament will always be remembered as an infamous moment in Tekken 7's competitive history.

Meanwhile, Asuka was originally designed as something of a replacement for Jun Kazama, sporting a very similar set of moves. But with Jun finally returning in Tekken 8, there was speculation that Asuka may be left behind. Clearly not the case!

The Tekken 8 roster is really starting to fill out now. Currently, 12 characters have been confirmed: Kazuya, Jin, Paul, Law, King, Lars, Jack-8, Nina, Jun, Ling, Leroy, and Asuka.

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