Evo 2023 Player Numbers

Set to release just a couple of months before Evo 2023 kicks off in August, it's perhaps no surprise that Street Fighter 6 has attracted the most player registrations so far. Capcom's series has always played a pivotal role in the annual event, and its top eight finals are usually saved for last. In recent years, however, Street Fighter V has stumbled a bit, with the game's popularity waning quite significantly over time.

Its sequel will almost certainly pick up the slack, though. Street Fighter 6 will arrive as Tekken 7 turns six years old (on console), and Guilty Gear Strive approaches its second anniversary. There's no doubt it'll be the refresh that the franchise needs — particularly in terms of Evo numbers.

Speaking of which, Guilty Gear Strive has the second most entrants at this point, and Tekken 7 is in third. Together with Street Fighter V, they made up the 'big three' at last year's event, so you'd expect to see them maintain some momentum.

Behind them, you've got Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — acting as Evo's legacy tournament — followed by Dragon Ball Fighter Z (which is getting a revised PS5 version this year), King of Fighters XV, Melty Blood: Type Lumina, and Mortal Kombat 11 in that order. Yes, you read that right, Melty Blood is attracting more players than Mortal Kombat these days. Mortal Kombat 12 can't come soon enough!

Again, Evo 2023 takes place between the 4th and 6th August. Tournament registration ends on the 9th July, so it probably won't be long until we get another update on player numbers (although we can't really see the popularity list changing all that much from what it is right now).

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