Star Wars Jedi Survivor Spoilers

If you're planning on playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at launch this weekend, then you might want to start avoiding related gaming forums and social media. Going by numerous reports currently doing the rounds on Twitter, there are already copies of the game out there in the wild. Whether it's through broken street dates or a case of people simply receiving their physical copies early, we don't know — but the inevitable story spoilers are starting to appear online.

"I know a lot of people will be upset to see spoilers before they get to play, and for us it's REALLY disheartening to see as well," says senior writer Pete Stewart on Twitter. Hopefully the leaks don't get too bad over the coming days, but we'd advise caution all the same — especially when you're browsing sites like YouTube. Stick to those subscriptions!

Survivor isn't the first AAA game to leak ahead of its release date and it certainly won't be the last — but at least we're only a few days out from its launch on the 28th April.

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