We know Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has one of the biggest PS5 file sizes ever, so it’s no surprise to learn that physical copies come with a disclaimer, demanding a download. Boxart for the anticipated release includes “download required” small print above the age rating, meaning you’ll have to set aside some time to install the additional data before you play.

This isn’t a massive surprise, as the maximum capacity of a Blu-ray on PS5 is around 100GB, and Respawn’s latest release weighs in at an eye-watering 147GB on PS5. The developer could have included a multiple discs to avoid this issue – both The Last of Us: Part II and Final Fantasy 7 Remake ship on two, for example – but it looks like EA’s decided to rely on a download instead.

Depending on how much data’s on the disc, it’s possible you may have to pull up to 100GB before you can even play the physical version, which kinda defeats the point of purchasing a Blu-ray in the first place. In fact, for people with bandwidth caps or slow Internet, this could be a deal-breaker. Obviously, we’re all used to day one patches these days – but rarely does a game demand downloads this big!

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