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The word for quite some time has been that Sony will hold a PlayStation Showcase this summer. With E3 2023 officially cancelled, it’s entirely up to the manufacturer when it wants to schedule the broadcast, and Giant Bomb’s generally reliable Jeff Grubb has been beating the “before Summer Game Fest” hammer for quite some time.

Summer Game Fest is currently scheduled to take place on 8th June, and Grubb believes Sony’s big broadcast could occur as early as May – or “maybe” early in June. To be fair to the journalist, he’s been bang-on with a number of his State of Play predictions, so he clearly has the ear of some good sources when it comes to these events.

Of course, a PlayStation livestream will be significant, as the Japanese giant didn’t host one last year. It filled its schedule with some smaller, lower profile State of Plays, but it didn’t actually host a big, banner event. As a result, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the only imminent first-party exclusive from the firm – and frankly, we haven’t even seen much of that.

Assuming Grubb is accurate, we reckon Sony will probably sit on this news until the last possible minute. With digital events now becoming increasingly common, it doesn’t really need to give fans more than a week to prepare for its show, and so if this is scheduled to take place in late May or early June, it can probably wait a few more weeks before officially announcing anything.

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