PlayStation Steam

Sony has quietly hiked the prices of PlayStation games on Steam in seven countries worldwide, with titles like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Days Gone, God of War, Returnal, and more affected.

First spotted by Chairmanchuck over on ResetEra, and confirmed by PlayStation LifeStyle, the countries in question are primarily located in the Americas but also include both China and Japan, which kind of throws out our initial regional theory. You can see the increased price ranges below:

  • Argentina: 4199-5999 Pesos to 8499-9999 Pesos
  • Canada: $59.99-69.99 CAD to $64.99-79.99 CAD
  • Chile: 32000-39500 CLP to 35000-42000 CLP
  • China: 279-379 RMB to 345-414 RMB
  • Colombia: 159000-194000 Pesos to 184000-219000 Pesos
  • Japan: 4900-6490 Yen to 6490-7590 Yen
  • South Korea: 45880-58800 Won to 52800-62800 Won

The firm is yet to make any kind of announcement regarding the increase, but we imagine it will, as our PC cousins don't seem terribly impressed. Are you affected by this increase in prices? Explain the global economy to us like we're five-year-olds in the comments section below.

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