PS5 Controller
Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

Here's another wild patent Sony has registered that it'll never actually use: the ability for the PS5 DualSense controller to dispense heat to reflect on-screen gameplay. Based on upgrading the current pad's haptic feedback feature, the idea is that vibrations will warm the controller up or cool it down depending on what's happening in the game you're playing. Go to a desert region and you'll feel the sun on your palms, or take something out of the freezer and you will feel the chill on your fingertips.

Sony says this would be done by replacing the plastic that makes up the PS5 controller with a gel-like material. As such, should this ever come to fruition, it would be a new model of the DualSense pad rather than just a firmware update. It is all designed to "enrich haptic experiences", according to the patent.

One perfect use case for a feature such as this would be in Metal Gear Solid, where you must heat up and then cool the PAL Key down towards the end of the game. We imagine the Blast Furnace would make the PS5 controller almost too hot to touch. Like most gaming patents, though, these things very rarely actually see the light of day. However, if there ever is to be a remake of Metal Gear Solid, the feature in question already knows what to market itself alongside.

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