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Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent for a detachable optical disk drive, which, while not confirmed by any means, adds extra credence to those PS5 redesign rumours floating around late last year.

The patent, known by its catchy technical moniker, US-20230118186-A1_I, is described as "an optical disc drive that can be mounted in electronic equipment such as a game machine, personal computer, or audio-visual (AV) equipment."

While the PS5 itself is not specifically mentioned, this does seem to line up with Insider Gaming's report on the subject, and SegmentNext posits that diagrams of the device are shaped similarly to the disc drive portion of existing PS5 models. Then again, we'd imagine most disc drives to be disc-shaped, wouldn't you?

Are you starting to believe? Would you be interested in a detachable disc drive for your own PS5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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