Happy Birthday Aloy PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Push Square

It all gets a bit confusing when you talk about sci-fi characters’ birthdays because, well, technically Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy hasn’t even been born yet. She’s from the future, after all! Let’s ignore the obvious flaws in marking the milestones of fictional characters and just roll with this one, though: it’s Aloy’s birthday! Yay!

We like to think the feisty redhead would spend the day knocking back ale with her pals in Chainscrape, but she rarely has time to chill, does she? That’s what you get when you’re constantly tasked with saving the world!

If we were to buy Aloy a birthday gift, we reckon we’d shell out on some fancy shampoo for those fiery locks and a range of new face paints for her to change up her look with. Also, we’d definitely get her some new Machine Strike pieces! We reckon she’d be pretty happy with all that. What would you gift her?

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