In the early days of the PS Store, there’s no question that 2011’s Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes was a bonafide must own. Published by Ubisoft on the PS3, the Capybara developed classic mixed strategy with puzzle gameplay, and it looked simply sumptuous in HD on Sony’s last-last-gen console. And now it’s getting a surprise re-release for PS4 by Streets of Rage 4 developer DotEmu, so a new era can enjoy it anew.

In essence, it’s a match-three game, but the twist is that you need to align units in order to make them attack or defend. It’s a turn-based game so there’s a lot of strategy, but it’s not so overly complicated that it’s overwhelming; this author hasn’t played the original for probably a decade, but we definitely remember it having a moreish quality that all the best puzzle titles do.

The new Definitive Edition will include all of the original DLC, but crucially the game’s been rebalanced and optimised, while all-new character portraits have been penned to help make the release feel fresh. There’s no official release date just yet, but DotEmu’s saying it’ll be out this summer, so don’t expect to be waiting too long to take your turn.