Update: PSVR2 is now available at a wide range of retailers. Make sure to consult our buyer's guide to get your hands on one:

Original Article: It's been announced that PSVR2 headsets will be stocked at UK retailers from 12th May 2023. The virtual reality device has only been up for purchase on Sony's own PlayStation Direct website since launch, but this expansion shall see the headset be stocked at more outlets and inside brick-and-mortar shops. GAME and ShopTo have confirmed they will be selling the headset so far, but there's nothing on Amazon UK yet.

At the moment, GAME is asking people to register their interest while ShopTo simply advertises stock from 12th May 2023. It's been difficult to judge how well PSVR2 is selling since its late February 2023 launch, with some claiming it's doing poorly and others quite the opposite. Either way, this increased availability will certainly get more eyes on the virtual reality device.

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