The brilliant PowerWash Simulator is surprisingly substantial already, but it seems developer FuturLab has big plans for its unusual-yet-satisfying sim. We've already seen two crossover packs come to the game for free, letting you clean Lara Croft's mansion as well as a selection of memorabilia from Final Fantasy VII. Throughout the rest of this year, the studio is planning on a whole bunch of extra content, both free and premium.

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As detailed on its website, FuturLab says the game will receive free content updates that keep the action in-universe, while paid DLC packs will see further crossovers. Nothing is confirmed on that front, but it's exciting to know there's more to come.

The first free update is being called the Muckingham Files (named after the town in which the game is set). It releases on 18th April 2023 — next week — and contains more jobs and more of its daft narrative. Two jobs in the desert will have you cleaning a solar water plant and a big satellite dish, then you'll head into the park to hose down a filthy food truck. The update will also add some story wrinkles to existing Special jobs, as well as make some bug fixes.

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In addition to all the extra content heading our way, FuturLab has also confirmed that PowerWash Simulator is heading to retail. Physical editions on all platforms are coming, including PS5 and PS4, set for release on 13th June 2023. You can pre-order now.

Are you excited for the future of PowerWash Simulator? Rotate those nozzles in the comments section below.

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