Monster Hunter Now Mobile Smartphone Niantic 1
Image: Push Square

After hitting on huge success with Pokémon Go, developer Niantic has basically been adapting the same idea to dozens of different brands. Have you seen those ads for the NBA version on Instagram, for example? Now you too can take on Steph Curry and LeBron James in your local neighbourhood – or something.

We suppose, given its impressive worldwide popularity, Monster Hunter makes sense. Developed in conjunction with Capcom, Monster Hunter Now is basically promising that tried and trusted Niantic gameplay loop: you’ll walk around, discover monsters, and battle them on your phone – all while the developer collects valuable data, of course.

The game’s due out in September, but there will be a closed beta test starting on 25th April – that’s next week – and you can find out how to sign up through here. Will you be giving this a go, or are you over the AR gameplay concept for now? Walk 5,000 steps to fight a Rathalos in the comments section below.