A trailer for a game called Neo Berlin 2087 appeared on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel earlier today, and it has fans bemused. As one commenter put it so succinctly: “I've never seen a game this graphically impressive look like it was made on a budget of 20 bucks.” It’s a surprisingly accurate statement: the trailer both looks beautiful and bargain bin all at the same – impressive!

To be fair, this is clearly still early in development, and Unreal Engine 5 is probably doing a lot of the heavy lifting. On German developer Elysium Game Studio’s website, it describes the title as a “third- and first-person narrative driven detective thriller set in a cyberpunk world inspired by classics such as Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell”. Cool!

The blurb continues: “The game is set in Berlin, in the year 2087. Technological advancements and cyberization have divided society into a two class system, where the rich are ruling over the city while the poor are fighting for survival inside the slums and in the deadly wasteland outside the city walls. In a story about justice, friendship, love, guilt, and betrayal, we combine the best elements of science fiction in a way that has never been experienced before.”

Clearly the developer has big ambitions for this, and it’s perhaps unsurprising there’s no target release date announced right now. The game’s being part funded by the German government, presumably in an effort to strengthen the country’s artistic output, and we quite enjoyed seeing some of the distinctive Berlin architecture in the trailer. But yeah, don’t expect to be playing this one for a while.

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