Naruto Storm Connections New Characters

Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections isn't just a combined collection of past games in the series. As confirmed by the official Naruto Video Games social media accounts, the upcoming PS5 and PS4 release will feature new playable characters as well as an "original Special Story Mode" starring Boruto.

Both Naruto Uzumaki (Baryon Mode) and Sasuke Uchiha (Supporting Kage) join the title's already massive character roster, and it sounds like they won't be the only ones. "Stay tuned for more about new playable characters!" apparently.

You can get a first look at the all-powerful Naruto and Sasuke in the gameplay clip below.

"Stay tuned for more details!" the post concludes. Connections currently has a vague '2023' release window, but we can't imagine it'll be too long until a date gets locked in. We're sure Bandai Namco will have more information to share soon.

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