Konami Fire Extinguisher Employee Arrest Crime 1
Image: Push Square

There’s never a dull day at Konami it seems – but this story isn’t really a laughing matter. According to Japanese publication Asahi Shimbun Digital, an employee has been charged with attempted murder after attacking his boss with a fire extinguisher, and allegedly hitting him “with the intention of killing him”. The story adds that the attack stems from allegations of workplace harassment lodged by the suspect in 2020, although the details are still developing.

Neither the suspect nor victim have been named at this time, and Konami is yet to comment publicly on the matter. It’s claimed that the suspect was apprehended by a fellow employee, before being handed over to the authorities where he was charged. We’ll update with more information, including the wellbeing of the victim, as and when we learn more.

[source asahi.com, via thegamer.com]