Hot Wheels Unleashed PS5 PS4

Hot Wheels Unleashed isn't perfect, but it's a highly entertaining arcade racer that really leans into its licence. It seems that fans of the toys and of colourful racing games agree, because it's now surpassed two million copies sold.

Developer Milestone made the announcement today, roughly 18 months after its launch in 2021. The company also released a few other facts and figures; the game now has about eight million registered users, over one million custom decals, about 350,000 user-made race tracks, and a collective total playtime of 939 years. That's a lot of Hot Wheels.

In a press release, Milestone's Luisa Bixio says she's "proud" that Mattel entrusted the developer with the property, and how fans have responded. Hot Wheels has "one of the most engaged and passionate fan bases of any brand in the world", she comments.

Following the launch, the studio supported the game with various DLC packs including new track parts, cars, and more. It also arrived on PS Plus Essential last year, and if you're subscribed to PS Plus Premium, you can currently play a free trial of the full game.

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