Horizon Forbidden West's excellent Burning Shores DLC introduces all kinds of new weapons and gear in the tradition of any good expansion. However, one weapon stands tall above all the rest, if only because of its sheer meme potential alone. Obviously, you will find SPOILERS AHEAD pertaining to the weapon, so consider yourself warned!

The Toy Bow, which is apparently a reference to a high-stakes contest waged in The Last of Us Part II, certainly doesn't look intimidating at first glance. Still, it's more about a vibe than anything else, you know? Capable of inflicting only a single point of damage per shot, the Toy Bow is clearly a joke weapon and the latest tip of the proverbial cap from one first-party studio to another.

What do you think of the Toy Bow, will you be seeking it out? Aim for a new high score in the comments section below.

[source reddit.com]