Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores PS5 PlayStation

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores expansion has been a joy for players to explore for themselves, and as is so often the case, a completely surreal experience for the real humans involved to see in motion. Such was the case with Kylie Liya Page, the actor who lent her likeness, mocap performance, and voice to the new character Seyka.

Further, Page reveals that Seyka's distinctive high ponytail was added to the game after developer Guerrilla Games inquired as to how she normally wears her hair. Thankfully, Page has a defined sense of personal style, which includes a haircut unlikely to go out of fashion, and is one that works in Horizon's future primitive setting.

It's pretty cool to see, and we simply can't imagine seeing our own mug alongside Aloy's. In unfortunate but related news, Metacritic is changing some of its policies in response to Burning Shores' current spate of review bombing, though the reason why is quite a spoiler. Would you like to see your own hairstyle, on any given day, immortalised forever in a video game? Book that haircut you've been putting off before descending into the comments section below.

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