The buildup towards Horizon Forbidden West's major DLC expansion, Burning Shores, has been almost non-existent. All we really know is that it's PS5 only, takes Aloy to the ruins of Los Angeles, and will feature at least one new machine. Now, less than a week out from launch, we've learned that Aloy's moveset will be growing with a series of new skills.

Guerrilla Games highlights one of these new moves in the above video. In it, we see Aloy knocking down machines with her usual weapons and attacks, but a brand new finishing move is shown off. Aloy leaps into the air, and a small QTE sequence has you timing a press of R1 to deliver a final blow.

The clip also gives us another glimpse at the volcanic landscape found in Burning Shores. It looks excellent, as expected, and we can't wait to hop in ourselves. Are you excited to see what new moves Aloy has in the DLC? Discuss in the comments section below.