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Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores expansion is now live (with our review coming in a few days), and we can't wait to dive in. Its mysterious waters can be made less foreboding, however, with the inclusion of an interesting accessibility option added alongside it, called Thalassophobia Mode.

Thalassophobia is an intense phobia or fear of large bodies of deep or dark water. In people afflicted, the fear of what could be lurking in the depths can be so overwhelming it can prevent them from venturing near the water's edge, with zero chance of them getting in. If you've ever met someone so scared of spiders they can't stand to see even a picture of one, it's kind of like that, but obviously far more debilitating in terms of travel.

To assist with this in-game, Thalassophobia Mode "aims to ease thalassophobia symptoms by improving underwater ambient visibility and allowing you to breathe indefinitely, regardless of story progression", according to the Burning Shores FAQ.

It's a cool addition, and we've all felt the stress of a particularly taxing underwater level in games before, so it's not hard to relate. This humble scribe often feels the Sonic drowning music reverberate through his entire psyche as another deadline inevitably draws closer, for example. What do you think of the continued commitment to accessibility on display in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores? Share your greatest fears in the comments section below.

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